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#TankDank Help Center

  • What is your DOA POLICY? guarantees alive arrival but is not responsible for orders in which customer can not be available to receive shipment nor are we responsible for circumstances which are out of our control. We are not responsible for delays caused by the shipping company. We will take every precaution to assure your order arrives alive. In the case that the order is dead on arrival, buyer must contact us within 2 hours of delivery and submit a picture of the corals within 2 hours of the claim. All corals are aqua-cultured and are already acclimated to aquarium life and should ship well considering its only overnight. In the event that a dead arrival occurs, will issue a credit which can be used within 6 months. We assume that all customers are advanced reef keepers and understand the risk of buying delicate marine life and the risk involved with shipping. Please contact us with any questions or concerns prior to purchase.
  • How do we PACK & SHIP CORALS?
    Corals are packed in either plastic containers with screw on lids or triple layer plastic bags depending on the coral. Inside the container, the plugs will be placed into plastic cups to prevent them from moving around. We will use packing nuts and foam inside the box to further ensure that your order doesn’t move. Also depending on the temperature of the destination, we will use ice or heat packs. All corals will also be labeled.
  • How do I recieve FREE SHIPPING?
    Tee-shirts, stickers, hats, and all aquarium DRY GOODS always ship free. Corals are free shipping on orders $249.99 and up, except for Alaska which is $399.99 and up.
  • How are REFUNDS handled?
    Perishable items require 25% restocking fee. Dry goods have a 10% restocking fee. We are able to hold corals after being paid for upto 2 weeks. We are more than reasonable if you need to hold longer but we reserve the right to refund the order if buyer will not take shipment for over 2 weeks after original purchase.
  • How are AUCTIONS handled?
    You must create an account on to bid. Then send your twitch id name to our KushCorals facebook page. You will recieve a itemized invoice with all your wins with discounts and freebies. Auctions must be paid within 24 hours of the notification. You can combine live stream auctions with any other kushcorals purchases. Failure to pay an auction you won within 24 hours will result in a ban. All regular shipping and minimum orders are required for auctions. ($100 minimum in live stock plus shipping. Free on orders that pass $250. All purchases are shipped together.) Local pickup is also an option but payment is required within 24 hours.
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